The Cooper Advantage

Genesis Tire, Rim & Wheel Protection
  • Covers damage caused by glass, metal, potholes, debris, nails and other road hazards. 
  • Covers all costs related to the repair or replacement of tires, wheels and rims. 
  • No limit on the number of occurrences, mileage or claim benefits
  • Covers replacement tires for the duration of the contract. 
  • Includes cosmetic wheel damage coverage. 

Genesis Ceramic Paint & Fabric

Paint Protection
Product innovation, research and testing back up the quality and success of our paint protection, a vehicle's painted finish can quickly lose that new car shine. Our program will protect a vehicle's painted surfaces from:
  • The sun's powerful ultraviolet rays which cause oxidation, loss of gloss and fading
  • The effects of road salt, and salt air
  • The penetration of bird droppings, tree sap, water spotting, acid rain and industrial fallout (limited coverage)

Leather & Vinyl Protection
Sun, excessive dryness and temperature extremes can quickly show their effects on a vehicle's leather and vinyl surfaces. The advanced sunscreens and penetrating conditioners in our products are formulated to prevent or inhibit:
  • Drying and the loss of soft, supple texture
  • Fading, discoloration, cracking and staining
  • Premature aging of leather and vinyl seats, dashboards and interior trim.