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Regular maintenance and repair keep a vehicle running smoothly. Here at Jackie Cooper Nissan, we want all of our Tulsa, OK area customers to understand the importance of scheduling routine service appointments. Things like fluid changes, brake inspection, tire rotation, and filter replacement are essential. We aim to make scheduling these maintenance tasks as simple as possible. Read on for examples of popular Nissan services we offer, along with some of the benefits that come from proper vehicle upkeep.

Keeping up with your vehicle's recommended maintenance tasks can actually be a matter of safety for Glenpool and Broken Arrow drivers. For example, tires with worn tread can make it difficult to stop in slippery conditions. Our service team can inspect your tires and advise you on their condition. If you need new ones, we'll recommend a new set and install them for you. We also do balancing and rotation. Poor visibility is another safety issue. Working windshield wipers and lights are essential for seeing and being seen. Let our service pros replace worn down parts for you.

Taking care of all the working parts of your car, truck or SUV will help it to perform better. You'll also get a smoother ride and better gas mileage. Oil changes, belt and hose replacement, steering services, and coolant checks are all services that can contribute to how well your vehicle runs. These things also affect longevity. Your vehicle will be on the road for more years when you attend to all of its inner workings. You'll also save money on preventable repairs and get more for your trade-in by keeping up with service work.

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